School of Law

School of Law

Dr. Elvis Mbembe Binda

Name : Dr. Elvis Mbembe Binda
Position : Lecturer, School of Law
Office: Kigali - Nyarugenge Campus . Mobile Phone: +250788-574-648 Email:;

Dr. Elvis Mbembe Binda is a certified higher education teacher by the Faculty of Education and Theology of York St John University in the United Kingdom from which he holds a Post-graduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PCAP). Since 2009, he is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy of the United Kingdom.

He has been empowering University of Rwanda students with legal skills and knowledge since June 2007. His area of expertise includes International Investment Law, International Trade Law, Good Governance, and Regional Integration. He holds a PhD in Law from Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

In addition to teaching, he has also performed some administrative functions as head of department and exams coordinator. In 2018, he was appointed Coordinator of Postgraduate studies.
Over time, Dr. Mbembe has gained remarkable international teaching experience. He has been invited to give guest lectures to world-renown universities in the United States and in Europe including Columbia University in the City of New York, John Jay College of Criminal Justice at the City University of New York (CUNY), Utrecht University and Leiden University.


Areas of research interest:
- International Investment Law - International Trade Law - Regional Integration - East African Community - Good Governance - Human Rights  

- M. Binda, ‘Foreign Direct Investment, a Double-edged Sword for Regional Integration in the East African Community’, Netherlands International Law Review (upcoming) - M. Binda, ‘The Legal Nature of Good Governance’, Rwanda Journal Series G (Upcoming) - M. Binda, ‘A Synopsis of the New Investment Code of Rwanda’, Rwanda Journal Series G (Upcoming) - M. Binda, Good Governance and Foreign Direct Investment: A Legal Contribution to a Balanced Economic Development in the East African Community (EAC), ‘s Bosch, Uitgeverij BOXPress, 2015, 381p. - F. Masengo, D.M. Kayihura and E.M. Binda, Rwanda Company Law 2009, Rozenberg Publishers, 2015. - M. Binda, ‘Les aspects juridiques du paiement par carte bancaire au Rwanda’, Revue Juridique du Rwanda, 2008.

Miscellaneous: - M. Binda, ‘Rwanda’s Gacaca Courts: How to Deal with Widespread and Massive Crime’, Ars Aequi Juridische Uitgeverij, March 2013. - M. Binda, ‘Gacaca Courts, an Inspiration from the Rwandan Customary Law’, paper presented in Gaborone (Botswana) in the conference “Customary Law Revisited: The Role of Customary Law in the 21st Century, October 2008. - B. Mbembe, ‘National Judicial Systems in Africa and the Adjudication of International Crimes: Lessons from Rwanda’s Gacaca Courts’, presentation in the conference “Africans and Hague Justice: Realities and Perceptions of the International Criminal Court in Africa”, The Hague, May 2014. - Non-paper participant in the conference “Bridging the Gap between International Investment Law and the Environment”, the Hague, November 2013. - M. Binda, “Impact of Good Governance on Foreign Direct Investment in the East African Community”, presentation in the 5th International Scientific Research Conference, Huye, December 2012 Research: Dr. Elvis Mbembe Binda is involved in : - The research project “Foreign Investment in Africa: Gaining Development Momentum” hosted by the Centre of Comparative, European and International Law (CDCEI) at the University of Lausanne. It is a joint project between University of Geneva and University of Lausanne in Switzerland. This project will run through 31 July 2017. - The writing of the Book on the Law of the East African Community, which is a project by the Leiden Centre for Legal and Comparative Studies of the East African Community (LEAC)  

Teaching: - International Transport Law (Postgraduate - LLM in Business Law) - Introduction to Private Law (Undergraduate – Kigali & Musanze) - Economic and Financial Law (Undergraduate – Kigali & Musanze)  
Other activities:
As an extra-curricular activity, Dr. Mbembe is a human rights advocate. With Initiatives for Peace and Human Rights (IPHR), a Non-Governmental Organization he founded, Dr. Mbembe has been working for the enhancement of peace in the Great Lakes Region through Human Rights and Good Governance Education. In this regard, he has acquired tremendous knowledge and strong skills in attending prestigious trainings such as the Human Rights Advocate Program in the United States and the International Human Rights Training Program in Canada. He is frequently hired as a consultant by national and international organizations in his field of expertise.