School of Law

School of Law

HOD Private Law

Name: Dr. Rene Munyamahoro,
Position :Head of department of private law and Lecturer School of Law

Tel: (+250)788672404




Mr MUNYAMAHORO René graduated in law from National University of Rwanda in 2004. He holds also a master’s degree (LL.M) in Business law from the same University since 2009. Currently he is doing his PhD in International Investment law at University of Nairobi since January 2013. Before Joining University of Rwanda in 2014 as permanent lecturer, he has been involved in legal education where he served for more than eight (8) years in Private Universities(ULK, INES RUHENGERI, UoK and ISPG- GITWE) as a permanent and visiting lecturer where he taught various subjects related to private law. Moreover, Mr MUNYAMAHORO René is Lawyer at Rwandan Bar Association and the East African Community law society since 2011. As an advocate he has expertise in the areas of commercial law, Labour litigation, Administrative litigation, Succession and Property law cases, insolvency law, contracts, tort, etc.


Areas of research interest:
- Law of persons and family
- Law of contracts
- Tort law
- Law of matrimonial regimes, liberalities and successions
- Private international law
- Competition and consumer protection
- Investment law
- Insurance law
- Company law
- Insolvency law


- MUNYAMAHORO, R, UWIZEYE J. and UWINEZA, O, Rwandan law of security interests, Renzemberg, Holland, 2015.
- UWICYEZA, B., ZIGIRINSHUTI, F. and MUNYAMAHORO, R., New law governing contracts in Rwanda, Renzemberg, Holland, 2013.
- MUNYAMAHORO, R, Problématique de l’application du principe du consensualisme dans les contrats de crédit à la consommation en droit rwandais in ULK scientific Review n°26 of October 2012.
- MUNYAMAHORO, R, Meaning and application of the principle of lifting corporate veil in Company law, in ULK scientific review n°22 of September 2011.


Tort liability, law of contracts, law of matrimonial regimes, liberalities and successions, private international law, law of competition and consumer protection, seminars and introduction to private law .


Other activities:
- From June 2013 to date: Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Rwandan Legal Aid Forum
- 2011-2014 Chairperson of internal auditing committee of the Rwandan Legal Aid Forum
- 2006-2008- Member of Board of Directors of Union des Caisses de Travailleurs (UCT)
- From 2012 Deacon and chairperson of the Dispute settlement committee of the Pentecostal power church in Africa


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