School of Law

School of Law

Tom Mulisa, LLM

Name : Tom Mulisa
Position: Assistant Lecturer, School of Law (CASS).

Office: Huye at CASS Headquarters.
Mobile Phone: +250-788695363
Email: ;

Tom Mulisa holds an LL.M on Human Rights and Democratisation from the Centre for Human Rights of the University of Pretoria. He did his bachelor’s degree from the University of Rwanda‘s School of Law. He worked as a legal Assistant in charge of Human Rights and Hiv/Aids Unit with the Legal Aid Clinic of the School of Law of the University of Rwanda. He has obtained certificates in Access to Medicines and Intellectual Property rights from Both the University of Pretoria and the Institute of Professional Legal studies at the University of Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa. He has also certificates in Good Governance from the Centre for Human Rights of the University of Pretoria. Certificates in International Human Rights and Hiv/Aids from the Human Rights Development Initiative (HRDI). He currently teaches Constitutional law, International Human Rights Law, Sociology of Law and Good Governance at the School of Law of the University of Rwanda. He is also a visiting Lecturer at the Institute of Legal Practice (ILPD) and an External Examiner for the LL.M in multidisciplinary Human Rights from the Centre for Human Rights of the University of Pretoria, in South Africa. He is currently the Oxford online Constitutions researcher for Rwanda. He currently heads Public Interest non-governmental organisation that does strategic impact litigation on Human Rights issues (GLIHD). His research interest is in Human Rights with emphasis on African Human Rights Systems, Constitutional law, Good Governance and Socio-Legal Theory


Areas of research interest:
- African Human Rights systems
- Regional and Sub regional Human Rights Systems
- Good Governance
- Constitutional law and Supranational Constitutions
- Constitution Making Processes
- Constitutional Adjudication ( cases on constitutionality)
- Law and Society
- Socio-Legal approaches to Law & Multidisciplinary Legal Studies
- Reproductive Health Rights
- Human Rights & Most Populations at Risk ( MAPS)



- T. Mulisa, ‘Rwanda‘s Constitutional Dispensation’; available at:
- T. Mulisa, ‘Mediation in Rwanda’ in The variegated landscape of mediation: A Comparative Study of Mediation Regulation and Practices in Europe and the World’ M. Schonewille ,and F.
Schonewille available at ISBN 978-94-6236-111-9 ; ISBN 978-94-6094-965-4 (E-book), a publication by Eleven International Publishing is an imprint of Boom uitgevers Den Haag.
- T. Mulisa, “Exploring Opportunities and Challenges to the Effective Participation of Citzens through ‘Performance Contracts in the Decentralisation Process in Rwanda: a case study of Huye and Nyamagabe districts’’ in KAS African Law Study Library (Vol. 18, ISBN: 978-9966-021-44-4) available at :


- T. Mulisa, ‘Public Participation in Constitutional Making : A critical Analysis of the Kenyan Experience’LL.M thesis,2009,University of Western Cape ,South Africa (unpublished) but available at :

- Rwandan Mediation Experience and an Analysis of the Actors in the Mediation Process, A study done for Rwanda Initiative for Sustainable Development ( RISD) with support from European Union and the Ministry of Justice. The Author did the study as part of a Consultancy for RISD and EU/UN Partnerhsip.

- Manual on the Ombudsman and Good Governance for the Office of the Ombudsman in Rwanda. Prepared the Manual and Trained staff of the Ombudsman by Dr. E Ugirashebuja, T,Mulisa et al.

- Independent Reviewer for African Human Rights law Journal ,Volume 13 No 2 2013 available at :

-Independent Reviewer for African Human Rights Law Journal: Volume 1 No 2 2014 is now available


- International Human Rights Law( African Human Rights Systems)
- Constitutional Law
- Sociology of Law ( Law and Society)
- Good Governance law
Research ( On going ):

- Supranational Constitutions and Relationship with Domestic Legal Order: The EAC Treaty and National Constitutions of the EAC member states.
- ‘Making Law or Breaking Law’ The Rwandan Supreme Court in the Murorunkwere case
- ‘Re-inventing the wheel’: Public Health Emergencies and Human Rights Implications for Emerging Sub-regional Blocks: The case for the EAC member states.
- ‘Taking the Maputo Protocol to unmarried Women’: The Human Rights issues in Domestic partnerships in South Africa and Cohabiting Unions in Rwanda.


Other activities:
Advocate of the High Court of Rwanda.

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